Happy Wheels Demo

Most of people think that playing the game is pleasant and relaxing. Due to strong demand for flash games, developers of games have created different type of games. Among them is one of the most popular game Happy Wheels. Jim Bonacci creates it in 2010. He is BOX2D physic engine.
Happy Wheels is very popular because of its well-known graphic violence and damage system, which distinguishes it from other popular games and makes it more demanded. The founder and game developer Jim Bonacci began work on Happy Wheels in 2006. He created a guy in wheelchair, who endlessly falling down on a random hill. Bonacci thought that it was very small game, but also very stupid and funny. Therefore, it became Bonacci’s major focus in creating the Happy Wheels.
The list of characters of this game are Wheelchair Guy, Segway Guy, Effective Shopper, Irresponsible Dad, Lawnmower Man, Explorer Guy, Moped Couple, Santa Claus, Pogostic Guy, Irresponsible Mom, helicopter Guy. It has different levels and each level differ each other. Each level has different goal to reach a finish.
Happy wheels have high positive reviews of players. According to IGN it’s one of the “best free games” on the internet. It’s bloody, racing and very funny game. Control of this game is easy. You only use four keys, right key to go forward left key to go back and up and down key to accelerate or decelerate the player.

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